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About me

I have been carrying a camera around since I can remember! I grew up shooting landscapes and loved ones whilst juggling a burning passion for performing. After graduating from NIDA in 2019 it just made sense to mesh the two passions and I begun taking headshots of actor friends.


I find working simultaneously as an actor and photographer helps me to connect with my clients in a current and stimulating way. After working with major Sydney agents and casting director I understand what they are looking for in headshots however also the importance of them representing an authentic version of you.  With a little preparation all you need to do on the day is show up and I'll take care of the rest!



Nick Drummond 

I've recommended countless people to get their headshots taken with Laura, who is one of Sydney's up and coming elite headshot photographers.


Through her dedication, warmth and talent, my confidence in getting a quality shot is at its highest when I go and see Laura.


With an understanding and background in so many artistic fields, Laura consistently generates fantastic headshots, along with a fantastic experience.

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